Horticulture & maintenance

Our team of experts can construct a uniquely curated garden filled with wildflowers, shrubs, or lush green grass to suit your style preferences and accommodate your desired maintenance investment. We can also keep your property looking spectacular at all times with our optional ongoing maintenance service to save you time, money, and precious resources.

Includes: Plant and tree selection, planting, hedging, turf, synthetic turf, vertical gardens, herb and veggie gardens, general garden maintenance, lawn care, mulching, weeding, irrigation and drainage.


Let us frame your greenery with impressive structural features, use different urban textures throughout your space to contrast with your exquisite vegetation, or simply improve the functionality of your exquisite vegetation, or simply improve the functionality of your outdoor space. Our team can help you plan your hardscaping from start to finish. We have extensive experience in material selection to suit your individual property, ensuring it is not only aesthetically pleasing but will last a lifetime. We can also provide drainage plans to ensure your hardscaping is not impacted by harsh weather conditions, as well as managing permits and engineering on your behalf to ensure your new outdoor space is safe and compliant.

Includes: concreting, stone cladded feature walls (internal and external) other stone and rock work, retaining walls, driveways.

Outdoor Living

We can deliver a luxurious outdoor retreat perfect for entertaining your friends and family all year round. Take the hassle out of your new outdoor space with our completely customized turnkey solution from design to construction. Our outdoor living services include design ideas, appliance, and material selection, permits, drafting, construction, and even electrical design and connection. Make sure your new space works for you, by creating a beautiful, functional, and safe outdoor entertaining space to suit you and your individual family.

Includes: decking, pergolas, fireplaces/ firepit areas, outdoor kitchens, verandahs, alfresco areas, feature screens, garden lighting, water features, electrical: lighting, ceiling fans, heating etc.


Take the stress out of planning your pool construction and ultimately create a relaxing atmosphere for your pool area by tying the surrounding landscaping into the look and feel of your property. With convenience in front of mind, our team works closely with your pool builder to help determine the pool position and height to ensure your pool location works in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Not only do we assist with colour selection for your paving to ensure your pool looks like it was built with your home, but we are heavily experienced in selecting only the highest quality pavers, silicon, and sealing to ensure there is no water damage or salt corrosion down the track. When combined with our extensive experience with drainage plans, pool fencing regulations, and compliance, you can rest assured that we can provide a beautiful, functional pool area that will be safe for you and your family for years to come.

Includes: Paving, coping, sealing, fencing, pool pavilions, drainage plans, pool compliance.


With a wide range of excavation equipment, full insurance and extensive knowledge of the correct tools and safety procedures, you can leave the dirty work to the experts.

Includes: Site excavation, post hole drilling, site clean ups, rubbish removal, landscape preparation, other services.